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The Grief Experience Conference: Insight, Connection, Empowerment


The Grief Experience Conference, a virtual event inspired by the collaborative book "The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resilience, and Connection" .


This conference extends the conversation from the pages of the book into an insightful journey. It's an opportunity for professionals and individuals to learn from leading experts and authors, deepening their understanding of grief in its many forms.


Conference Content:

Exclusive videos featuring personal stories and practical tools from our authors provide deeper insights into the healing journey.  


  • Jean Trewhella: Walking Your Loss Line - with Jean Trewhella
  • Kelly Daugherty: An Educational Session on Grief & Loss
  • Cheri Davies: Anticipatory Grief, Resilience, and Alzheimer's
  • Dr.Gabriela Miniscalco: Immigration Grief: Personal story through a professional lens
  • Kathleen Banicki: The Rosary Prayer and Meditation
  • Deb DeCelle: Comfort and Connection: Intuitive Experiences With Loved Ones in Spirit
  • Karyn Arnold: Self-Esteem - Grief's Hidden Loss
  • Tiffany Thomas: Understanding Acute Grief and The Unique Experience of
  • Kirby Kay Clark: A Special Day Without You (Surviving the Holidays & Special
  • April Hannah: The Healing Power of Art: Learning How to Transform the Pain
  • Amy Lindner-Lesser: Moving from Surviving to Thriving After A Loved One’s
  • Brittany DeMarco-Furman: Prepare Their Hearts. Interactive Funeral
  • Dr. George Garcia: Ambiguous Loss: What it is and How to Transcend with it
  • Rebecca Johnson: The Butterfly Hug- Helping calm your body and mind in
  • Susan Settler: Losing a Life Partner
  • Cheryl Nix: Treasured Children’s Grief Books


Grief Experience Tool Workbook:

This workbook is an extension of the insights and strategies from "The Grief Experience" book, designed to enrich your post-conference journey. It offers structured activities and guided exercises for personal reflection, allowing you to articulate your thoughts, navigate your emotions, and implement the strategies discussed during the event. This workbook serves as a practical tool for continuing your exploration and understanding of grief beyond the conference.


Why Attend?

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Gain valuable insights to support yourself and others through your unique grief experience.

Community and Connection: Join a community of individuals who understand and share your journey, fostering a sense of solidarity and support.

Practical Tools: Equip yourself with practical strategies and resources to navigate grief more effectively.


Join us for a transformative experience, deepening your understanding of grief and learning how to turn knowledge into empowerment. This is more than a conference; it's a pivotal step in your journey through grief and loss.

The Grief Experience Conference

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